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Provestra Review

Unhappy Women

With time, a number of products are being available in the market that aims to improve women's sex life. Female sexual dysfunction is a complex issue but doesn't get as much attention given to the male sexual problems. But slowly we are gaining some speed!

Lot many Women are complaining about low or no libido which clearly indicates that we need a solution immediately.

For women, sexual responsiveness and sex drive is a complicated issue which involves emotional practical physical and hormonal changes that a woman goes through. Provestra believes that every woman has the right to enjoy a passionate sexual life filled with intense pleasure.

What is Provestra?

Provestra is an ultimate solution for women who are experiencing lack in sexual drive or have stopped giving a sexual response because of work pressure, old age, inadequate diet, hormonal imbalance and exhaustion which is actually hampering your relationship. It is one of the most popular female libido boosters that has been manufactured using herbal ingredients.

As mentioned earlier, Provestra is a natural supplement designed to enhance female libido, sex drive, energy and improve sex life. Apart from this, the product also helps women regain their sexual interest, improve sexual performance, combat against depression and stress, balance hormonal changes in the body and cope with aging. The primary aim of this product is to improve the overall health of a woman and ensure her a much-improved sex experience.

Provestra is a product of Leading Edge Health and has been there in the market for quite a long time. The company offers 30 and 90 days supply of this supplement online.

Product Name



Instant Orgasm and Higher Libido

Ingredients Included

Damiana Leaf
Black Cohosh Root
Valerian Root
Ginger Root
Licorice Root

Best Benefits

Higher libido, energy and sex drive
Improved sexual life and health
Hundred percent safe and natural ingredients
Intense orgasms
No side effects
Money back guarantee
No prescriptions required
Discreet packaging


1 Capsule Daily


100% Legal


No Prescription Need

Made in FDA Approved Labs




2 Month = $95.95 $84.95

Where To Buy Provestra?

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Provestra Claims to Offer

Higher libido, energy and sex drive

Improved sexual life and health

Hundred percent safe and natural ingredients

Intense orgasms

No side effects

Money back guarantee

No prescriptions required

Discreet packaging

Ingredients Used In Manufacturing The Supplement

The supplement is a combination of nutrients Herbs and aphrodisiac to maintain the hormonal balance, reduce stress, lighten your mood and restore the female reproductive system.

L-Arginine: This ingredient improve blood flow by deleting the blood vessels and increasing nitric oxide.

Theobromine: This is a very mild stimulant available in chocolates. It basically dilates the bronchi present inside your lungs which increases oxygen intake and allows your body to experience a burst of energy. Apart from this it also helps in relaxing your body, which means it gives you a feel-good sensation.

Damiana Leaf: This component is known to increase vaginal lubrication and also stimulate muscle contraction.

Indole-3-Carbinol: Helps in balancing the excess estrogen present in your body, which is left behind can leave a big drop in the libido.

Black Cohosh Root: This helps in maintaining the imbalance of female reproductive hormones, relieving menstrual and heavy periods.

Kudzu: This includes plant estrogens that can maintain the hormonal balance which is a necessity for healthy reproductive system.

Valerian Root: It helps you come and relax. Plus, reduces stress and maintains peace.

Ginger Root: Enhances sexual sensitivity by increasing blood flow and stimulating the circulatory system.

Licorice Root: Ensures detoxification of the liver that processes sex hormones. Apart from this it also deals with your mood swings and depression.

Apart from this the supplement also contains a complex mix of nutrients and vitamins to promote overall health. Vitamin C, A, and E are important antioxidants that keep bodily tissues thriving and healthy. B complex vitamins are known to enhance blood flow and energy level which is highly important for healthy sex response.

Folic acid, calcium, zinc, and Iron are also included as important nutrients used in maintaining the female reproductive health.

How Does It Work?

It is like any ordinary dietary supplement which you need to take once every day to maintain the balance between your energy levels and hormones that is responsible for your sexual interest and response. Some woman starts feeling the change in just 7 days, while some needs to wait for 30 days to experience any significant change.

What Changes Do They Notice?

Intense genital response

Increased vaginal lubrication

Fast arousal

Increase in sexual appetite

What are Women Saying About This Supplement?

Happy Couples Image

Provestra is quite a popular supplement and has been there on the market for quite some time. If you still haven't come across any buzz regarding side effects or no effect of this product, then probably there aren't any. We went through some of the customer feedbacks and realized that most of them are positive.

“I just using Provestra last week and I'm already experiencing a change. If a week's application could help me so much, I don't know what will happen if I use it for the next one month. Highly excited for the upcoming result”

“I am really happy and satisfied with my purchase. In the beginning, I wasn't sure about the product, but now I thank myself for the decision. This is a product worth purchasing and I recommend it to every woman who is depressed and wants to relive their life again.”

Who Can Use The Product?

Every women with low libido issues can use this product to regain their lost interest in sex. However, there are certain exceptions. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use this product. The supplement is for adults so, any women under the age of 18 should also not try the pill.

Where to purchase Provestra?

If you want to purchase this incredible product, that it is just a click away. You can easily order it online as it is available in lot many online sources. Resellers give you the product at $60 for 1 month's supply. But if you are buying from the official website, the product will cost you $49.95 and will also come along 67 days money back guarantee.