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Total Curve Review

There are more than hundred companies in the market who claims to provide a picture-perfect product. Each and every one of them promises to solve your issues, whether it's is regarding weight loss or smaller breasts. But how often do you find them real? The market has become so much populated with fake and unrealistic products that people think million times before investing in a brand.

However, once in a while we come across some products that actually live up to their claims and promises. And this time we found one of such genuine product in the breast enhancement section. Most of us are skeptical about products that are herbal or chemical free breast enhancers and this is only because it is too good to be true. We think it is impossible to enhance breast using non-chemical and natural products.

Well, Total Curves is a revolution for the skeptical mind because it is a completely natural supplement that allows women to enhance their breasts without going bearing the cost of implant surgeries.

Product Name

Total Curve


Natural Breast Enhancer

Ingredients Included

Buckwheat flour or leaves
Fennel Seeds
Damiana Leaf
Blessed Thistle
Watercress shoots or leaves

Best Benefits

Guaranteed result in a very short time span
Very nominal and affordable price rate
Available in pills and gel, so no chances of your body incurring any pain.
Only positive feedback, no reported side effects yet
Manufactured using completely natural product


Take the Pill Twice Daily

Apply the Gel Twice Daily


100% Legal


No Prescription Need

Made in FDA Approved Labs




2 Month = $210 $179.95

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Let's Learn More About Total Curve

Total Curve Benefits

Total curve is an ideal breast enhancement supplement for women that can help them get firm and bigger breasts. Basically, it has a two-way system that involves pills and a gel substance. You need to take the pills twice daily, which contains natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to enhance fatty tissues near the breast area so that you get a natural increase in your breast volume.

The Clear gel forms the next part of the supplement. This gel is also advised to apply twice daily in the form of gentle massaging. The primary ingredient used in this gel is Volufiline and is also the “best-kept secret” of the product.

Your Ultimate Alternative To Breast Implant Surgery

If you are too frustrated with the shape and size of your breast, the thought of carrying a breast enhancement surgery has already crossed your mind. But you also know, that the surgery is not just expensive but can also cost you a lot of side effects.

So, what do you think would be a better deal than Total Curve? The company not only promises you a quick and effective result but also assures no side effects. Now think, spending $4000 behind surgeries would be a wise decision or investing as low as $69.95 behind pills and gel.

Top 5 Reason To Choose Total Curve

1. Guaranteed result in a very short time span

2. Very nominal and affordable price rate

3. Available in pills and gel, so no chances of your body incurring any pain.

4. Only positive feedback, no reported side effects yet

5. Manufactured using completely natural product

The Formula

You already know that the product is completely natural and safe from side effects. Now, you learn about the formula behind this incredible product.

Buckwheat flour or leaves: This ingredient was initially been developed in China during 10 century. Since then, it has been used as a medicinal product for controlling diabetes hazards and lots more. Apart from this, the ingredient is also known to help with cell reinforcement, especially in the breast area.

Fennel Seeds: This ingredient is known to include intense phytoestrogens, which affects the female hormones and helps you to control menstrual abnormalities, menopause, and PMS.

Damiana Leaf: This has been used for years to stimulate the production of breast tissues. Apart from this, it also adjusts your hormones and manages stress and uneasiness. Damiana is one of the best therapeutic herbs with the progesterone restricting properties and this has been proved in numerous scientific studies.

Blessed Thistle: This is also one of the most effective elements used in the product because it has been used for generations in Africa, Asia, and Europe as a customary drug to treat menstrual cerebral pains, menopause manifestations etc. it is a significant ingredient that also caters to hormonal imbalance.

Hops: This is a very significant natural phytoestrogen stimulator that also promoted breast development and lactation.

Watercress shoots or leaves: Recent discoveries and research work have claimed that this ingredient is an absolute breakthrough for breast development. This fascinating herb is included in the cabbage group but has a lot of medicinal advantages as well.

Volufiline: You can also call it the mystery ingredient of the manufacturers. Developed by the in-house research group of Total Curve, Volufiline acts a the establishing or primary ingredient of the product and thus, has been subjected to numerous human studies and clinical tests. After so much research work and tests, this ingredient has proved itself as a stimulant that boosts the development of breast tissues by 8.4%.

How Does It Function?

While using the total curve breast enlargement treatment, you are trusting on therapy that works both internally and externally on your body. Unlike the surgeries, this is an effort to improve your breasts size and firmness naturally. And this is the only reason why the results are visible so quickly.

Total curve includes a firming gel and an oral pill which includes a special ingredient called Volufiline. The change in size and condition of your breast happens due to the hormonal adjustments that happen after you start taking the supplement.

Total curve pills include phytoestrogens that come with the unique ability to imitate the activities of primary female hormone- estrogen. This helps your breast to become more former and stronger. Apart from this, there are other ingredients as well which helps in developing your breast tissues.

Total curve gel includes Volufiline as well and should be used topically to lift and firm your breast. It is something that you need to practice daily and also continue having the oral pills. The presence of Volufiline allows it to enhance the size of your breast by more than 8% in just 2 months.

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Who Can Use The Product?

Total Curve is for every women who wants to shape their breast and look more confident. It comes in oral and gel form and thus, has a dual effect which is actually the best part about this product. Women who are undergoing some special treatment should consult their doctor before using this.

Final Thoughts

Total Curve is an incredible and revolutionary product developed specially for women suffering from breast enlargement issues. It is a natural, safe and legal option that is not only budget-friendly but also is effective in comparison to every other breast enlargement products.