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Vigorelle Review

Vigorelle is one of the leading female libido improvement product that is completely natural and comes in the form of an applicant.

Is it a herbal cream that gets activated by touch. Not only to women, the product is also marketed to men as this is a perfect gift for their partners.

The cream is applied to the most intimate areas of a woman before sex to intensify orgasm and dramatic increase of the sensations. It is an “ instance turn-on cream”, see you don't need to take any pills, read any manuals or try some awkward positions. The product is hundred percent safe and has no harmful side effects.

Vigorelle can help you improve your sexual activity and give maximum satisfaction. Sexual dysfunctions are quite common in women which mostly happens because of psychological issues, mental conditions, fatigue, age, depression, stress and lots more. The most common problem that happens because of these circumstances is low libido which directly affects your sexual life.

Product Name



Instant Turn-On Cream

Ingredients Included

Aloe Vera Gel
Vitamin C, A and E
Ginger Root
Peppermint Leaf
Suma Root
Licorice Root
Valerian Root
Wild Yam
Damiana Leaf
Ginkgo Biloba
L- Arginine HCI

Best Benefits

The product is clinically proven and have been approved by doctors

Comes with 60 days money back guarantee

Non-greasy and not sticky in texture

Allows you to experience more intense sensations

Includes no artificial fragrances, colors, toxic chemicals or preservatives

Made using 100% natural ingredients

Increases sex drive

Easy to use an immediate effect


Apply Once Daily


100% Legal


No Prescription Need

Made in FDA Approved Labs



1Month = $59.95

2 Month = $119.95 $109.95 + Bonus Gift

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What is Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is a liquid or cream based lubricant and sexual enhancer developed specially for women. It is a superior quality herbal cream that has been manufactured using natural ingredients to help women get the maximum pleasure during sex. The product allows it uses experience how much intense orgasm and sexual activity. Women who are slightly depressed or have lost their interest because of old age needs the product most.

Claims Made by the Manufacturers of Vigorelle

Increased Blood Circulation

Quick arousal

Increased sex appetite

Improved pleasure and sensation

Less irritability and mood swings

Increased vaginal lubrication

Ensures orgasm more often

Ingredients Used in Manufacturing the Product

The company claims to manufacture the product using superior quality natural ingredients. Let's see what are those ingredients and how they function of your body:

L-Arginine HCI: It is one of the most commonly known and popular aphrodisiac that is known to increase blood flow in vagina and vulva.

Ginkgo Biloba: This ingredient helps in increasing overall sexual satisfaction and orgasm.

Damiana Leaf: This is a wild Central American herb the risk and its popularity for aphrodisiac qualities.

Wild yam: This ingredient Pramod hormonal balance and stimulates the production of various hormones.

Ginseng: This is an Asian herb that is known to increase libido.

Valerian Root: Cures insomnia and also reduces stress and anxiety.

Licorice Root: Control depression and mood swings.

Suma Root: The product includes numerous active ingredients that help in enhancing sexual energy. Suma Root majorly helps in increasing androgens and estrogen naturally to restore women's sexual drive.

Peppermint Leaf: It helps to increase the natural lubrication of women and also ensures better absorption of other ingredients for maximum effect.

Ginger Root: This ingredient helps in stimulating blood flow and circulatory system.

Vitamin C, A and E: This helps in restoring the reproduction functions of a woman and improves her blood circulation throughout the body to restrict sexual dysfunctions.

Aloe Vera Gel: This is included in the manufacturing of Vigorelle because it smoothes the area it is applied on. Apart from this, it also keeps the area moisturized.

How Does It Work?

Modern women share lot of responsibilities like family, home, business, career, social life, etc. Which leaves almost no energy left when it comes to sex. This is where when Vigorelle comes handy, this female sex cream brings back her lost interest in sex by intensifying sensations and delivering maximum satisfaction.

The product comes with 60 days money back guarantee and offers numerous packaging options. Ordering in bulk gives you the opportunity making maximum savings. 1 months supply of this product costs $59.95 while orders in bulk are sent with bonus gifts. Sexual dysfunction issues are mostly faced by women after pregnancy, monthly menstruation, menopause, poor diet, stress and lack of exercising. But with Vigorelle this complex problem is just a matter of days.

Potential Risks And Side-Effects Of Using This Product

Indeed, there are no reported side effects of this libido enhancement cream. This is because the product uses active natural ingredients that are known for their sex-enhancing properties. Each and every component used in the manufacturing of this product are of excellent quality and effect. The manufacturers have combined this stimulants inexact proportions to create the best sexual stimulation cream that can help you regain the lost interest.

This smooth cream is directly applied on your skin and affects the pleasure centers or sensitive tissues of your body. In simple words, Vigorelle is safe, 100% legal, natural and requires no prescription.

Benefits Of Using This Product

1. The product is clinically proven and have been approved by doctors

2. Comes with 60 days money back guarantee

3. Non-greasy and not sticky in texture

4. allows you to experience more intense sensations

5. Includes no artificial fragrances, colors, toxic chemicals or preservatives

6. Made using 100% natural ingredients

7. Increases sex drive

8. Easy to use an immediate effect


Vigorelle is hundred percent safe and legal libido enhancement cream supported by many doctors. The cream was designed for women to dramatically increase their sexual desire. Most important fact about this cream is the ingredients it includes. The product is a combination of greatest herbal stimulants, libido enhancers and the vitamins that can balance your hormonal imbalance.